Learning path "Dutch labour Law & HRM for contemporary management”

Dutch Labour law & contemporary HRM is a learning path with one day workshops for non-Dutch speaking managers and HR professionals working in an international company based in the Netherlands.

This learning path consists of seven different modules that can be followed separately too. There is no prescribed order but starting with module 1 that deals with the basics of Dutch Employment law, is advisable.


At the end of each module, you will have:

  1. Up-to-date knowledge of Dutch employment law
  2. Knowledge of contemporary Dutch HR approaches and suggested applications
  3. Concrete solutions for the cases you bring to the table
  4. The necessary knowledge of the deep dive topics you choose to participate in

How we work

We work in small groups of maximally 8 participants, and on location. It’s always possible to follow a modules online and/or in a hybrid form.

The small number of participants ensures that there is sufficient room for the exchange of experiences and ideas as well as an extensive discussion of any cases you wish to bring to the table.

Our motto in all we do is putting people first: labour law in service of HRM and not the other way around!

We will start with your values and continue with a broad overview of Dutch labour law and HRM practices in relation to the topic of each specific module. The trainer will incorporate relevant cases and dilemmas as well as solutions.

We will use your values and ambitions in relations to those of the organization that you work for, as touchstones when discussing possible solutions for the cases that brought to the table.

We always finish with shedding light on what could be your first step where you want to incorporate your values into your HR work in the context of labour law, as well as what you need to make this happen.

Included: indivual sessions (in person)

As an included service, we offer each individual participant of the entire learning path 3 one-hour in person or Zoom/MS Teams sessions.

In the sessions, we cover any questions regarding the topics of the modules – or discuss actual cases or dilemmas you may bring to the table.

The sessions may be scheduled before, during or after participation in the various modules – according to your wishes.

We offer each individual participant of any first of our workshops a one hour personal intake & advice (in person or online).

Module 1: Dutch employment law for contemporary management (Basic)

In this workshop the focus is on the basics of Dutch labour law and its application. We reflect on the most recent developments in legislation, court decisions and regulations. You will gain both theoretical and practical insight into the legal aspects of employment relationship and the traditional HR instruments, in which we consider the most recent developments in legislation and regulations and their correct interpretation and application. We focus on practical solutions that are in alignment with yourself, your values, ambitions and challenges – and those of your organization.

Module 2: Contemporary HRM in the Netherlands

In this workshop we discuss contemporary management philosophies and their practical implementation in the field of HRM. We do this in alignment with your values, ambitions, and challenges – and those of your organisation.

“Deep dive” modules

In various modules or ‘deep dives’ in a number of specific subjects, we delve into the Dutch employment law aspects and contemporary Dutch HRM approaches of the subject along with their advantages, disadvantages and tips on practical application.

The ins and outs of the subject of the ‘deep dive’ subject are covered, with a lot of room discussion of your own cases.

Module 3: Illness and reintegration in the Netherlands

As a manager you have to deal with sick leave of employees, sometimes with long-term outages. In the Netherlands then the Gatekeeper Improvement Act (Wet Verbetering Poortwachter) will result in a number of, mainly time-dependent, obligations that must be met to prevent any wage sanction from the government agency called UWV.


In this workshop for managers and HR professionals, we discuss employment law frameworks and practical tips in light of designing ‘improvement processes’ in the event of alleged non-performance and undesirable behaviour, for example based on a code of conduct, warnings and intervention. We refer to contemporary notions of what it takes to be a good employer and, look at good employment practices. We will discuss approaches and instruments needed for file building. And of course, we also pay attention to the prevention of non-performance and undesirable behaviour. We do this in a way that suits you, your values, ambitions and challenges – and those of your organisation.


Many organizations feel compelled to reorganize, due to financial pressure or for other business reasons. That is a complex job for all involved: management, HR and employees. You have to deal with the rules of Dutch labour law and a possibly applicable collective agreement, which are often “at odds” with contemporary approaches – and sometimes even go square against them.


In general, employees in the Netherlands have a strong position and a prominent position, fulfilled by the employee participation body. As a manager in an international company based in the Netherlands you may be a director of your organization – and from that position you are automatically dealing with the employee participation body, the Works Council (Ondernemingsraad, OR) or staff representation (Personeelsvertegenwoordiging, Pvt) for whom you are a discussion partner.


In this workshop we will discuss the diversity of employment contracts from permanent to flexible and the diversity of clauses that can be included in these contracts. Think of zero hours, min-max, permanent and self-employed contracts and probation, non-competition and confidentiality clauses, etcetera. We will also go into the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages and tips for the use of contracts and clauses in practice, based on contemporary notions of good employment practices. We will do this in a way that suits you, your values, ambitions and challenges – and – those of your organisation. The entry into force of the “Transparent and Predictable Employment Conditions” Act with effect from 1 August 2022, based on a European directive, may be a good reason to critically review the formats you use for permanent and flexible employment contracts and adjust parts.

practical information

We always work with a small group size of of max. 8 participants which ensures attention to each individual including focus on the types of issues that you wish to bring to the session.

We offer our workshops on an incompany basis too, in case you have several colleagues with the same training need. Because the participants now share the company background, more people may participate. The workshop will of course be tailored to your wishes and needs.

Note that our workshops are also available in the form of a one-on-one course, customized to the needs of your organization or yourself.

Feel free to ask about the possibilities via

Your investment

Individual workshops are open registration.

The entire learning path (seven modules) is € 4997 when paid upfront. For each individual module / workshop: € 795 per person. All prices are excl. VAT and including reading materials and lunch, per module.

As an included service, we offer each individual participant of the entire learning path 3 one-hour in person or Zoom/MS Teams sessions. In the sessions, we cover any questions regarding the topics of the modules – or discuss actual cases or dilemmas you may bring to the table. If you follow a single module then is one hour personal intake & advice included.

If your branch, professional or network organization has a cooperation agreement with us, a discount may apply. Indicate this under remarks during registration, stating the organization.

Change of prices for modules that will take place after January 1, 2024:

Prices of the overall program and in-company workshops will remain the same.

Prices of individual modules will be € 997   ex VAT – with a 10 % discount after purchase of the fourth module.


We provide a ‘Certificate of Achievement’ for the entire learning path or for each individual module / workshop.


The course was extremely useful – I feel a lot more informed and confident to purse matters in the workplace. I like the approach – not ‘death by powerpoint’! Was never boring. About the trainer: 10/10, very easy to listen to, engaging and relaxed. I like the inclusion of group experience and advice too.

Janine Smith


Really useful course for my work. I work in HR in the Netherlands for a mid-large size company. It really showed me areas we aren’t doing things correctly, and where we can improve.

Jeanie Edwards

Backbase B.V.

I appreciated that the trainer could share his rich experience in Dutch employment law and that we could discuss specific practical examples in a small group of participants.

Kerstin Herzog

Brunswick EMEA